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Leap to Productivity with Legal Suite Solutions

You’ve come to the right place to transform your day-to-day operations with Legal Suite, a comprehensive software solution made for lawyers by lawyers. We thoughtfully considered the needs of lawyers, In-house Counsel, and law firms with our state-of-the-art legal solutions. 

Our team loves solving business problems with technology

If you are looking for a technology team to improve your business processes and lift your operations to the next level, you’ll find them here. We have attracted a talented trustworthy team with the know-how to tackle your most pressing issues. 

Legal Suite has earned more than 95% customer loyalty by our laser focus on satisfying our clients. We are driven to solve problems that Lawyers, In-House Counsel and Law Firms face daily. 

A track record of success for your consideration.
Our proven solutions inspire more than 700 references in all sectors, 1500 legal information system projects, and 65,000 satisfied users worldwide. 

True to the entrepreneurial spirit embodied in its DNA, each year Legal Suite invests 18% of its turnover in R&D. 

We’ll keep you operating smoothly and efficiently with the latest technology innovations, so you can become more productive, grow your business, and satisfy your clients.

Legal Suite, Member of the Septeo Group

Legal Suite strengthens and multiplies its capacity to design the most innovative products by membership in the Septeo group, a renowned technology provider that brings together companies that publish software and IT solutions for legal professionals, real estate and corporate professionals. Located in France, Septeo generated revenues of more than 180M dollars in 2020 and employs 1700 associates.